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Svetlana Dubodel

Svetlana Dubodel

Russia, Moscow

 » I just make dolls, primarily for myself … «

I started to make dolls after my daughter birth.  First porcelain dolls were made for her especially. Porcelain is my ideal material at the moment. I try to work with wide range of materials but always return to this one. I am sure that porcelain will exist forever. Sometimes I create a doll using a sharp image from my mind but in the process change everything because the doll decides to be different.  I prefer to carry out figures of women and children and never do portrait dolls. But the last one is just my opinion, nothing more.        


For the process, I need only silence, privacy and sometimes music. My inspiration consists of a wish to make dolls and necessity of doing this. For seventeen years I make more than a thousand artworks. Think that it’s not possible to create something fresh, just to polish the skills. But the creative process simplifies in this case.  I participate in almost 80 exhibitions; this fact supports a collection of certificates. Four personal shows organised, two of them with the help and supervision of Svetlana Pchelnikova: in Moscow (2007) and Tallinn (2014). I am sure that exhibitions bring another sense in a doll making process; they are useful both for artists and spectators. Many people start to think about the art doll phenomena only after the show. They now perceive this interior decoration from a new angle.